Support for reindeer husbandry and natural economy

Approximately one-third of Finland belongs to reindeer husbandry area. The area is located in Northern Finland, mainly Lapland. Currently, there are approximately 4,600 reindeer owners and reindeer meat is produced to the amount of 2–2.5 million kilos annually.

Reindeer herders, reindeer herding cooperatives and organisation may apply for reindeer husbandry and natural economy support to start reindeer husbandry or investments. Support is applied from the local ELY Centre.

Start-up support makes it easier to continue reindeer husbandry from one generation to next and to improve the business structure and operating preconditions.  This ensures an opportunity to produce clean Finnish reindeer meat also in the future.

Investment support diversifies business activities related to reindeer husbandry and natural economy, improves the business structure and operational preconditions and promotes sustainable use of renewable natural resources.

Subsidies according to the Skolt Sámi Act

Northern Finland is home to the only indigenous people in the EU, the Sámi. Business and housing construction support may be paid for a Skolt located in a Skolt area belonging to the Sámi tribe.  Support may be received for investments and measures promoting and maintaining Skolt culture.  Investments are used to develop the living conditions and livelihood Skolt population and area.