Import licences

The import of some agricultural products into the European Union requires an import licence at the time of import declaration. There are two kinds of import licences: a standard import licence may be required for a certain amount of products, but it does not entail a lower duty, whereas a quota import licence includes the right to import at a lower duty.

Import and export licences to be required from fewer agricultural products in autumn 2017​


The application for an import licence often requires the importer to lodge a security. The security will be released as soon as the licence has been returned to the Agency for Rural Affairs showing that the amount of products have been declared and accepted by the customs. More information of lodging a security will be found on Instructions for providing a security.

In Finland the authority in the license issues is the Agency for Rural Affairs, import and export team.


When you apply for an import or export license for the first time:

1. Determine what you are importing / exporting by identifying the CN code of the goods. Find out whether you need a standard licence or whether there is a tariff rate quota you can apply for. Consult the customs authorities if necessary to determine the right CN code. Taric consultation, Customs website.

2. Get the EORI number from customs. EORI on Customs website.

3. Register as a customer to the Market Department. 561000e - Application of registration.

4. Register as an electronic service user, ie the electronic import and export service. 5610271 Registration to electronic export and import licence service.

5. Pay the required security. Payment instructions can be found here: Security instructions.​ The amount of the deposit can be found from the Application Guide. For quotas you have to check the amount from the regulations or consult us.

6. Apply for a licence in the electronic import and export service. Remember to put in quota number if you are applying for a tariff rate quota.

7. Remember to use and return the licence to us after use. 


The standard licences that are applied by 14:00 o’clock are issued during the same day. Quotas may be subject to special rules regarding the dates of applications and issuing dates. 

No import or export licence applications will be dealt with on national midweek holidays.


The public holidays of the European Commission may affect the dates for lodging import licence applications and issuing import licences under certain tariff quotas.

The public holidays of the European Commission in year 2017 has been published:

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016_2054.pdf Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/2054 


Authority responsible for issuing export and import licences and extracts of licences
Agency for Rural Affairs / Market Department
PO Box 405, FI60101 SEINÄJOKI
Tel. +358 295 312 000 (switchboard)
Fax +358 295 312 203
Email tuovi(at)


Authority responsible for attributions and endorsements on electronic export and import licences
Customs, The Electronic Service Center (SPAKE)
Tel. +358 295 5207
Email spake.feoga(at) or spake.tuonti(at)​​​