Approximately 40 per cent of Finnish companies are located in rural areas. Almost one-third of all Finnish farms are engaged in some other business activity in addition to farming,  the most in all of EU. 

A micro enterprise located in a rural area or a farm diversifying its business activities outside agriculture may receive support for starting, expanding or developing its business. It is possible to get enterprise support for investments and starting a business.

A micro, small or mid-sized enterprises engaged in first-stage refinement of agricultural products may receive investment support for investments improving the overall efficiency of the enterprise. Enterprise development support may be granted for planning of investments and feasibility planning.

Agricultural enterprise supports are partly funded by the EU and they are funded by the  Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland. Support applications are made to local Economic Development, Transport and Environment Centres (ELY Centres) or local action groups. The Finnish Agency for Rural Affairs steers ELY Centres and action groups in the implementation of support.