Controlling of support is used to ensure that preconditions for the payment of support are met. Part of funding comes from the EU and part as national aid from tax revenue. Moreover, controlling aims to ensure the legal rights of support recipients and their equal treatment in administration. 

Controlling is regulated in the whole EU area by the regulations applying to all Member States provided by the European Council and the European Commission. Common regulations ensure that sufficient controlling takes place in all Member States in the same manner and using the same methods. The Commission checks the correctness of Member States' procedures and payments with annual country-specific inspections.

In Finland, controlling of support related to agriculture and the countryside is steered and administered by the Finnish Agency for Rural Affairs (Mavi). Mavi operates under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and is the Finnish support paying agency. 

On-site inspections are mostly performed by inspectors from Economic Development, Transport and Environment Centres (ELY Centres). Mavi's own inspectors and municipal veterinary surgeons from Regional State Administrative Agencies also perform some inspections.

In addition to on-farm or on-site controlling, administrative controlling is also performed.  Administrative controlling is performed, for example, municipal rural business authorities and ELY Centres when inspecting the compliance of application granting principles.

A part of administrative controlling is also comparison of data in rural administration's various information system and comparing various registers. This called cross-checking. Cross-checking aims to recognise contradictions between applications for various forms of support.