Our strategy will carry the Finnish Agency for Rural Affairs (Mavi) onwards until the year 2017. The agency will then be 10 years old: young but already an established operator.

Mavi’s first strategy extending until 2012 guided the formation of our mode of action and the regionalisation of the agency in Seinäjoki. The current strategy further clarifies the agency’s core functions and makes visible our most important goals until 2017.

Our basic task remains the same: Mavi creates possibilities for a viable rural area that will produce food and well-being through the sustainable use of natural resources.

We will accomplish that in co-operation with the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and other operators within the same administrative branch. We want to offer each customer convenient and high-class services – knowledge and support – correctly and on time. Electronic services are in the key position.

The new Common Agricultural Policy of the EU programming period starting in 2015 will create the framework for action for the subsequent years. During the strategy period, our most important task is the controlled implementation of the new support system together with our partners, the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres), municipalities’ co-operation areas and local action groups.


Partnership and good governance for the benefit of viable rural areas

  • Knowledge and support – correctly and on time

  • Appreciation for the customer and expertise


Agriculture and natural resources – food and well-being!

  • Successful business in the rural areas

  • More for less through electronic services



  • Our work is based on a thorough knowledge of our field


  • We are transparent but maintain confidentiality

  • Support payments accurately and timely


  • We listen to our partners and customers

  • We have a strong will to work together