The organisational structure in the Agency for Rural Affairs is based on processes for farmer support, project, enterprise and structural support and market support.

The three departments in the Agency for Rural Affairs are

  • the Department of Agriculture,
  • the Department of Rural Development and
  • the Market Department.

Each department manages the support process it has been allocated: applications for and the supervision of support, payment of support and the related IT systems. IT systems are maintained and developed in cooperation with the National Land Survey of Finland.

The two units supporting all departments are

  • Financial Management and Administration,
  • Information and Technology Services.

In addition, Internal Audit, the Quality Assurance Unit and Communications report directly to the Director-General.

  • Juha Tall, Director-General of the Agency for Rural Affairs,
    tel.+358 50 348 3978, +358  295 31 2515
  • Päivi Pirilä, Management Assistant,
    tel. +358 50 330 6930, +358 295 31 2496
    Email: forename.surname(at)


The Department of Agriculture is responsible for farmers' support; the implementation of support paid on the basis of the arable area, number of animals/livestock units, cross-compliance and certain, special forms of support. The department supports and provides guidelines for Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) and municipal rural business authorities.

  •  Jukka Pekonniemi, Director of Department,
    tel. +358 40 540 1963, +358 295 31 2367
    Email: forename.surname(at)

The Department of Rural Development is responsible for project, enterprise and structural support under the Rural Development Programme and is implementing the advisory organisation for farms. In addition, the Department coordinates the operations of the rural network and the maritime and fisheries network. The department supports and provides guidelines for Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) and Leader Action Groups.

  • Juha Tall,
     tel. +358 50 348 3978 , +358 295 31 2515
    Email: forename.surname(at)

The Market Department is responsible for the implementation of support systems that balance the markets within the framework of EU agricultural policy. It is also in charge of the acquisition and distribution of food products for the most deprived citizens, based on the EU's Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD). In addition, most of the Agency's forestry related duties are centralised within the Market Department. The Department's national duties include granting funds for developing the Finnish food chain and planning and supervision tasks under the Game Animal Damages Act.

  • Marja Husu, Director of Department,
    tel. +358 40 740 8395, +358 295 31 2354
    Email: forename.surname(at)

Operational entities

Financial Management  and Administration is responsible for agreements related to the Agency's duties as a paying agency, fraud prevention and other duties. In addition, Financial Management is responsible for the development and maintenance of the payment process, acceptance of subsidy payments and payment transactions, claims for recovery and further measures, as well as reporting related to all of the aforementioned tasks, and settlement of accounts for the EU Commission.

Financial Management  and Administration is also responsible for administrative procedures, the Agency's internal and external services and the development and coordination of uniform operations. Duties include HR administration, safety and security issues, premises and facilities, planning of the Agency's operations and finances, agreements, procurement and competitive tendering and the Agency's finances.

  • Erja Loppi, Director of Financial Management and Administration,
    tel. +358 40 752 8683, +358 295 31 2276
    Email: forename.surname(at)

Information and Technology Services steer, coordinate and develop the Agency's architecture as a whole, information management (incl. data delivery) and the Agency's shared ICT processes, methods and services.

  • Juha Antila, Director of ICT,
     tel. +358 50 529 7975, +358 295 31 2467
    Email: forename.surname(at)

Internal Audit and Communications

Internal Audit is responsible for the internal audits of operations managed by the Agency for Rural Affairs.

  • Vesa Perätalo, Head of Internal Audit,
    tel. +358 295 31 2434, +358 40 560 1829
    Email: forename.surname(at)

Communications is responsible for communications on behalf of the organisation and the integration of communications activities.   

  • Jari Eloranta, Head of Communications,
     tel. +358 40 714 5810, +3458 295 31 2445
    Email: forename.surname(at)