The logo of the Agency for Rural Affairs (Mavi) consists of the Mavi namestyle and a graphic block. The logo has an isolation area, which distinguishes the logo as its own entity.

The isolation area is determined according to the height of the logo and it is half of it in all directions. This is the minimum distance of the logo to other elements as well as the edge of the sheet or other publication surface.

Correspondingly, the isolation area of the combination of the logo and the Agency for Rural Affairs namestyle is half of the height of the logo.

Black and white version of the logo may be placed on a white or grey surface.

Primary logo

As a rule, only the logo without Agency for Rural Affairs namestyle is used. It is suitable for most printed and digital products and it can be reduced to 6.5 millimetres.

Secondary logo

Alternatively a combination of logo and namestyle can be selected. This alternative should only be used in items where the name Agency for Rural Affairs is legible. The minimum height is 15 millimetres.

Office programs and display use

For printed materials

Black and white

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