These pages provide information on support related to agriculture and rural development. You may ask for information from registers controlled by the Agency for Rural Affairs with a freedom of information request, in which you can state the need for information.

Registers controlled by the Agency for Rural Affairs 

Information is retrieved from registers maintained by Agency for Rural Affairs on

  • farm ownership and possession;
  • agricultural and rural development support;
  • export and internal market support;
  • payment and monitoring of support.

Farm business register

The farm business register contains basic information about farm businesses, such as ID and contact information, location information, land use area information and the primary production sector. The main aim of the register is the management of farm clients.

Land parcel register

The term “land parcel register” refers to the location database belonging to the agricultural administration’s Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS). The register contains location and identification information of all farm economy centres and basic parcels that have applied support based on land area, such as basic parcel ID, land area, perimeter and type of borderline. The land parcel register is used in agricultural support administration, monitoring, planning and reporting.

The land parcel register is a functional sub-register of the rural business register which is based on EU regulations of the land parcel system to be included in the IACS.

Data protection

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 Data system record

Application service for import and export licenses


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