We have invested in e-services and IT systems since the establishment of the Agency. Increasing e-services benefits our customers and makes the administrative process more efficient.

People applying for support have provided positive feedback regarding the e-services. The e-services provide instructions on drafting applications, thereby reducing the number of errors that the applicant may make. As the services are available at all times, they save the applicant’s time.

During this programming period 2014–2020, the number of subsidies that are funded under the Rural Development Programme and that can be applied for through e-services has been increased.

Vipu-service – e-service for farmers

Since 2009, the submittal of applications for farmer support has been possible through the Vipu-service. By 2015, the proportion of such applications amounted to 86%.

In the Vipu-service, in addition to submitting applications farmers may view information on their farms and reference parcels using the map service.

Support application

The support application is Mavi’s most important and extensive system. It is used for processing farmers’ support and administrating the farm register.

Varied updating pressures are directed at the current support application both from the administrative and technological perspectives. The new support application has been rolled out in stages during 2013–2015.


The Hyrrä information system is used for administrating support funded through the Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland 2014–2020. Since 2015, the submittal of applications for financial support for companies and projects in rural areas, agricultural investment subsidies and start-up support for young farmers has been possible through the Hyrrä system.

The Hyrrä information system enables electronic application for support. Applicants may leave their support and payment applications electronically. For identification of the applicants the Katso service is utilised, which enables applicants to log in to the system using their online banking IDs.


The School Milk application supports the client-based development of Mavi and public administration’s e-services. The Nekka application intensifies and clarifies the support application process as well as Mavi's customer service and administrative processes.   

With the Nekka application the application for School Milk aid, processing of registrations and applications and reporting will be collected together in one uniform School Milk application. The service integrates with the Katso-service, which clients can use to identify themselves.

The administrative work intensifies

Not only the application submittal process but also the administrative work will be carried out using the e-services. The entire process will be electronic, which will intensify administrative work significantly.

E-services and electronic archiving enable a wholly electronic support handling process from the application to the posting of the support decision. Various stages of support and form processing will be saved in the electronic archive as well as documents related to them, such as forms received and decision printouts. With the help of electronic posting it is possible to post documents electronically. The documents will be archived in the electronic archive in conjunction with the posting.