We create preconditions for viable sources of livelihood in the rural area. In this way, we realise the objective of the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s administrative branch in securing the production of pure domestic food and the sustainable use of renewable natural resources. We operate in close co-operation with the Ministry and other operators in the administrative branch.

Mavi is responsible for the use of funds of the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development in Finland. We operate as the Finnish paying agency, administering EU and domestic subsidies of about EUR 1,8 billion annually.

Our expertise is needed in order for our customers to receive farmers' aid payments, rural finance and development grants and market support payments on time and on the right grounds. We guide, advise and train partners serving our customers:

  • the Centres for Economic Development Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres)

  • municipalities’ co-operation areas and

  • local action groups.

Functional support schemes

The support schemes administered by us encourage rural entrepreneurs to diversify their operations and to develop their rural businesses. The aim of the farmers’ aid payments is to safeguard the profitability and continuity of agricultural production.

Rural entrepreneurs may receive finance for starting, developing and expanding their operations. Market support payments balance the market of agricultural products and stabilise the price level within the EU. The purpose of forestry audits is to ensure uniform compliance with regulations relating to the use of forests and financing. We also supervise the implementation of the EU Timber Regulation.

Support payments are also made to improve product quality, the state of the environment and the well-being of production animals. Development projects advance economic activities, encourage caring for the environment, and improve residential satisfaction in rural areas.