What data is available from the service?

The search service provides 

  • name of beneficiary
  • taxation district
  • payments issued from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF) and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

The sum of payments issued from national funds is not published in the on-line service. Public information on national support payments issued to individual beneficiaries can be obtained from the municipality where the beneficiary is located. Listings of national support payment receivers can be obtained from the Agency for Rural Affairs, if the intended use for the personal data is in keeping with one of the special uses defined in the Personal Data Act (for example, scientific research or direct marketing). The Agency for Rural Affairs invoices for the data provided according to its fee table.

In accordance with European Commission policy, no data is published for physical persons receiving payments of less than €1,250. Physical persons are private individual, family-owned company, consortium, estate, jointly-owned forest, business name, production ring.

How to use the search service

Choose to search by either the calendar year or the EU Financial Year (16.10.–15.10.). Click the Search button. Search results are listed by level of support received, starting with the highest.

Calendar Year

You can narrow your search using the selections button, or by entering the name or municipality into the search box at the top of the page. Once done, the search criteria selected will be displayed under the selections button. The 'More information about payments' button provides descriptions and explanations of different types of payments. A more detailed breakdown of payments types can be obtained by clicking on the + button located below the municipal information. You can move between the table view and the chart view using the button on the bottom right of the page.

Financial Year

You can make selections using the beneficiary and municipality buttons or by writing the name or municipality into the search box at the top of the page. Searching by sum of payments received is possible using the total payments box. The funds to be displayed can be changed using the fund selection buttons.

All selections can be removed at once by clicking the 'Clear selections' button at the top.

A more detailed breakdown of payments types can be obtained by clicking on the + button located below the municipal information.

Why does the Agency for Rural Affairs also publish personal payment data?

The EU payments data search service was closed in November 2010 by request of the European Commission. The reason for the closure was a preliminary ruling by the EU Court of Justice which declared the EU regulations regarding the search service to be invalid, since the matter involved the publishing of individuals' personal data in a search service. The search service was opened again in April 2011 in a new form, where all the data regarding individual persons had been removed.

The reformed search service began once again to publish individuals' payment data in 2014. Such publication is required by the Council of Europe's regulation No. 1306/2013, section 111. The goal is to increase transparency in the use of the EAFRD.

Why doesn't the Agency for Rural Affairs publish data about national support payments?

EU regulations regarding the publications of payments apply only to payments from EU funds. Support payments received entirely from the national government are not published in the payments search service, because regulations regarding the publishing or surrendering of private individuals' payment data are laid down in the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999) and the Personal Data Act (523/1999).

When is the data published?

The data for a particular EU Financial Year is published at the latest on 31 May of the following year (EU Financial Year 16.10.–15.10.).

How are the total payments calculated?

The data in the payments search service is based on the payments issued in a particular calendar year or financial year. If the beneficiary has received payments, but has then returned some of the money later, for example because of a change in numbers of livestock or land area, then the search will return the net sum.

The data in the service may contain payments and repayments for different payment years. Included in the sum of payments are both the payments funded entirely by the EU and also those with partial funding from the national government, such as environmental compensation or business and project support.

Why are companies and authorities listed as beneficiaries?

A large part of the beneficiary organisations listed in the search service have received market support for balancing fluctuations in rural produce markets, support for announcements and sales promotion, or support for rural development schemes. The beneficiary development organisations listed carry out development projects for which the final beneficiaries are businesses and local residents. 

Looking for further information?

Please ring the information service customer helpline on +358 295 31 2210 or send an email to tiedonluovutus(at)mavi.fi.