The Agency for Rural Affairs (Mavi) opened this web service in November 2013.The web service was first opened in May 2007.

Information on the matters administered by Mavi can also be found on the websites of our administrative partners:

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  • ELY centres
  • Municipal cooperation areas
  • Leader groups
  • Rural Network Unit
  • Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira
  • Provincial Government of Åland.

Go to the search function to find the contact details of the municipal cooperation areas (YTA), ELY centres and Leader groups. When you select your municipality of residence in the menu you can view the contact details of the YTA municipality, ELY centre and Leader group of your area.

The website is in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. The Finnish and Swedish sites are identical, which means that you can move between the same pages of the two language versions. The site containing information in English is more concise and separate from the Finnish and Swedish sites. There is also information on reindeer herding in the Sami language. 

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